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    1. POSITION:HAND-IN-HAND > Products > ProfessionalGlue > Super Glue for Furniture
      Super Glue for Furniture
      Super Glue for Furniture

      Application:sealing and repairing the furniture with wood powder, between lumber and lumber tallying, widely used in furniture repairing and manufacturing.

      Feature:environmental protection, high strength, fast bonding, non-yellowing, low-whitening, no collapse.

      Technical Data:

      Note: all the data are tested by 25.



      Curing time

      Shelf life

      Packing details

      1-3 cps

      <3 s

      3-4 months

      20g/pc, 600pcs/carton

      40g/pc, 480pcs/carton

      60g/pc, 360pcs/carton