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      • New Acrylic Glue/Adhesive
        acrylic board, PMMA, PS, PVC and others.
      • Special Acrylic Glue/Adhesive
        Adhesive surface all the transparent, non-white edge, no bubbles, no local non-bonding phenomenon.
      • Wipe-polishing for acrylic
        erase the slight scratches on the surface of acryl immediately!
      • Acid silicone sealant
        single-component, acid, cured in room temperature. Easy using, high strength. Application: installing all kinds of doors and windows, glass and others.
      • Neuter Silicone Sealant
        single-component, Neuter, cured in room temperature. Easy using, good extrudability and thixotropic between 4-40℃, high strength, no volatilization, no pollution.
      • UV glue
        plastic, glass, acrylic, metal, PMMA, PC, ABS, PVC, PS and others. Mainly used in the field of craft, furniture, electronics and others.
      • Super Glue for Banner
        widely used for bonding all kinds of flex, banner, mesh, inkjet material in the advertising field.
      • Instant Adhesive for Domestic
        used for repairing and bonding stationery and family decorations, life using and others.